Website designs

Michaela Garstenauer and I created this mock up for a travel site for our Usability and Interaction Design class. The goal was to create a clickable prototype and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses trough testing with specified tasks.

I created some other mock ups for a project during the third semester. The first three are for the website of the farm and holiday flat of the Gutenbrunner family. The last one was made for the inn and butchers shop of the Gerbl family.


I really enjoy producing animations. I like illustrating backgrounds, designing characters and objects, animating, and using sound to make everything come together.

Demon in a sunday hat

"Demon in a sunday hat" was a 4th semester group project. It is a handdrawn frame by frame animation, which I created together with Isabella Molterer, Marleigh Pach and Sarah Hagmann. We used Krita for making backgrounds and animations, and put everything together in Adobe Premiere. Sound design was made using Reaper.

The life of Miss Edna

"The life of Miss Edna" was created by Isabella Molterer and me during the Animation Jam Hagenberg 2017. The goal was to create a animation with the topic "Ummm... Excuse me" within 36 hours. We drew in Adobe Photoshop, Animated in After Effects and did the cutting and sound design in Premiere.

How to tame a Unicorn

For our 2D motion graphics class the semester project was to create a 1 minute long "how to video" on a topic of our choice. I created all objects seen in the video in Illustrator and animated them in After Effects. Sound design was made using Reaper and final assembly was done in Premiere.